Thursday, November 30, 2017

John McCain is an asshole

The (dis)Honorable Senator from Arizona is going to vote yes on the godawful tax bill Trump and the rest of the GOP are trying to force on America. A tax bill that will make the richer obscenely richer all while screwing the rest of American like an overworked prostitute during Fleet Week.

It's really inconceivable to me that a man who is currently receiving government funded health care for brain cancer is going to vote for a bill that will take away the same for 13 million of his fellow citizens. How many of his fellow cancer victims are going to die because of this? Because of him?

I guess a better question is how much his yes vote went for? Did some corporation or billionaire promise a healthy sum to his family for after he passes on? A guaranteed future job as a lobbyist or some other cushy job for his daughter?

John McCain is an asshole. A monstrous asshole who will surely go down in American history as the villain who damned as many of his fellow Americans to death as he could.

Fuck you, McCain.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I saw this post on Tumblr today and I just agree with it so much.
If it takes a thousand arrests of our actors, musicians and writers to reinforce inappropriate sexual behaviour isn’t acceptable I’m very good with that.

If TV shows end, studios close, bands fall from the charts to prove that the vulnerable are not there to be used and discarded and not believed.

Tear it all down…. it’s built on rot
As I said, I wholeheartedly agree with this. The improper behavior that's being uncovered by the so-called "Weinstein Effect" is endemic of a much larger problem. The house has become a decrepit wreck. It's time to burn it down and build something better, something stronger, something safer.

But is it right to say that this behavior is just now being uncovered? No. the sexism, misogyny, sexual abuse and assault have always been there and known, the "Weinstein Effect" simply kicked over the anthill and we're seeing it all come to light.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

We need gun control

I'm spitting in the wind here, because I know that this country won't have gun control anytime soon, regardless of how many mass shootings there. But, goddammit, we need it! How many more shootings is it going to take before this country comes to its wits and says "enough is enough!"? Sandy Hook clearly wasn't it, even though by all reason it should have been. Las Vegas was another. And Pulse. And too many to name.

And it's not like we're talking about gun control measures that are extreme in any sense of the word. It's just common sense stuff that should already exist. Things like requiring the same background checks and waiting period for gun show and private sales as gun shops have to perform. Banning assault weapons and extra capacity magazines. Barring anybody on the no-fly and other lists from being able to buy guns. Same with domestic abusers.

I would actually go further and suggest that anybody who wants to own a gun has to go through a training course followed by an exam. The course would teach the basics of owning a firearm, using it, and the responsibility that comes with ownership. Failing the exam bars that person from owning a gun until they can pass the test. It just boggles the mind that this isn't already a requirement. I mean, you have to learn to drive a car or fly a plane and both exams for both before you're licensed to operate either, and it's painfully been shown that both can be as deadly as a gun.

I have to believe that this country can fix its problems and right the boat before it all turns into a bad Mad Max parody. The NRA can't hold the tide forever.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Senator Mittens?

So there's talk that Utah senator Orrin Hatch is going to follow Corker and Flake exit stage right and announce his retirement. Good riddance, I say, but what's interesting about this is the same talk also says that Mitt Romney is going to run for his seat next year.

I wonder if Mittens will bring his binders full of women with him? I wonder if Hatch will "standup to" Trump like Corker and Flake?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Good riddance to Jeff Flake

The (Dis)Honorable Senator from Arizona gave a big speech today that he's retiring instead of running for reelection. He tried to make it all sound so very noble and "attacked" Trump on the way out, much like Bob Porker Corker's been doing since he announced the same. It's funny, really, because he decries the current state of the government but rather than stay and do anything to help fix the state of our republic, he dips out the nearest exit. Like Corker, he'll probably spend his remaining time in office attacking Trump because neither has to worry about retaliation on the campaign trail.

But the Senator from Arizona lives up to his surname, folks, because he is a flake. Him and Corker are like that Italian cruise ship captain from a few years back who abandoned ship after he ran it aground.

Of course, the real reason he's dropping out is because he probably wasn't going to win his own party's primary and he didn't want to lose to Kelli Ward, a Trumpkin. Yeah, we might have to end up with one of those shitbags in Congress. Wonderful.

But hey, if you live in Arizona and don't want a Donald Trump supporting shitbag as your senator, then please be sure that you're registered to vote next year and vote for the likely Democratic candidate, Krysten Sinema.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Every time you think that he can't get any dumber or worse, Trump surprises you

And the amazing thing is that in just about any other democratic country, Trump would have been forced to resign a long, long time ago or else impeached and removed from office by the legislature. Unfortunately, this is America and we're probably going to be stuck with the guy until 2020. Some might point at the 2018 midterms, but I really just don't believe that the Democrats will win enough seats in the House to start the ball rolling on impeachment.

No, I think our only real hope is that by the time the next presidential election rolls around, Trump will be so unpopular that either he's primaried by his own party or he loses to whoever the Democrats end up with.

I honestly didn't expect him to last this long. I figured back at the beginning of the year when all the shit hit the fan at once (firing Comey, giving intelligence to the Russians in the Oval Office, etc) that he would either resign in exasperation or Congress would do its job for once and give him the boot. Alas, I was far too optimistic and yes, naive to think that the Republicans in Congress would do anything other than ignoring the situation and focus instead on trying to dismantle ACA. Instead, Trump has persisted and achieved new heights of incompetence, all while dragging our country through the mud and making us into an international laughing stock.

And we still have more than three years of this.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

So anyways, Trump just compared George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Robert E. Lee

How far gone do you have to be both mentally and morally to compare the father of our great nation and one of the Founding Fathers to a man who was no less a traitor and fought his damnedest to tear the nation in two, all for the cause of preserving the vilest institution ever created by man - slavery?

That is a rhetorical question, because that's what Donald Trump did today during a speech in New York. Trump being Trump, he went off track and in the course of which, completely backtracked on his barely lukewarm "denunciation" of the far-right that he gave yesterday. Instead, he returned to the theme of his first response to the far-right rally and terror attack in Charlottesville, namely blaming "all sides" while making it crystal clear that he was really only blaming one side and the wrong side - the counter-protesters. It was also when he compared two great Americans to one bad one by asking if statues of Washington and Jefferson would be taken down next.

Great men who created and led a great nation.
Portraits by Gilbert Stuart and Rembrandt Peale, respectively.
No, they won't, Mr. President. You see, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both great men, worthy of praise and acclaim. Unlike Donald Trump. They were problematic to be sure, let's not beat around the bush on that matter. They owned slaves and Jefferson sexually exploited at least one. Yet, despite their reprehensible actions, they were both vital our independence and the founding of our nation, and while there are some people today who wish it, they cannot be ignored or marginalized in American history.
Traitor McTraitorface, also known as Robert E. Lee.
Photograph by Julian Vannerson.

Robert Edward Lee and his cohorts of the abortive Confederate States of America, on the other hand, do not enjoy that luxury and never should. They were not heroes, not a one of them deserving any praise of accolades. They were traitors. They took up arms against not just the lawful authority of the United States government, but against their fellow Americans who stood with the Union in her darkest hour. They made the decision that the maintenance of slavery was more important than the nation. They were the ones who resigned their commissions in the Army of the United States only to don the uniform of the rebelling states. And they were the ones who led troops into battle and shed the blood of their fellow countrymen.

And these men deserve monuments erected in their honor? I think not.

It's also well worth mentioning that the Ku Klux Klan was founded by ex-Confederates after the Civil War as a blatant terrorist organization. In addition to its racism, it was also antisemitic, anti-Catholic, and anti-immigration. These are the people Donald Trump calls "nice people".

These are not good people, nice people. These are, combined with the neo-Nazis and other white nationalists, people who would gladly force this country into something the world hasn't seen in over seventy years. These are people who abhor everything this country stands for and should not be endorsed, defended, or otherwise supported by the person who calls himself the President of the United States.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Thought on the Charlottesville clusterfuck

Clearly we didn't do enough to grind fascism and Nazism into the dirt back in WWII. Probably shouldn't have supported right-wing regimes overseas during the Cold War and turn a blind eye to the ones at home. Hmm.

Take heart, though, in the knowledge that the forces of hate will ultimately fail. Humanity is growing too close together to allow to remain forever. It's not going to happen overnight and it might not even happen in our lifetimes, but it'll happen and our descendants will look back at what's happening now and wonder why it was ever allowed to happen to begin with.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

No, we're not going to war with North Korea

Alternate title: Trump is blowing smoke up your ass and the media is lending a hand.

Possibly a more accurate title too, because all of this saber rattling Trump is doing right now is all smokescreen. Just like the airstrike on that base in Syria or dropping the MOAB on a cave in Afghanistan, the president's threats of "fire and fury" against North Korea is little more than an attempt at distracting the public from all of the negative attention his administration has been getting lately, ranging from Bob Mueller impaneling a grand jury to the six wild days of The Mooch to the FBI raiding Paul Manafort's house the other day as part of an investigation. Every time the attention gets to be too much, Trump tries to draw attention away via military action or as with North Korea, the threat of action.

But what of all these articles the news media is publishing about the escalation between America and North Korea? It's called collusion. These outlets are all keenly aware that those articles will get instant clicks like any other clickbait and that means a very welcome uptick in revenue. The media is more than happy to slap a sensationalist headline on to an assembly-line article and watch all those hits and ad money come pouring in. Saber rattling is good for the bottom line and the news media is more than happy reap the benefits.

But the reason why we're not going to fight North Korea is for the very simple fact that China will not allow it to happen. NK may talk big about hitting Guam or punishing America for the new sanctions, but at the end of the day, there's no way in high holy hell that Beijing is going to let them start a fight against the U.S.. They are keenly aware that such a conflict would inevitably draw them into it and one thing we can all agree on is that two nuclear equipped countries ought never to fight because of the potential for a Big Boom.

My two cents is that China undoubtedly has people in the North Korean government in their pocket and the instant they catch wind of Kim Jong-un tries to order any kind of attack, Beijing is going to nip it in the bud, either by warning him off, doing the world a favor and putting a bullet in his head, or by removing his ability to launch missiles of any kind via airstrikes. There's even a slim possibility that China decides that having a unified Korea is preferable to living in the Fallout games.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

John McCain is a cur

Only in America can a sitting United States Senator undergo cancer treatment paid for by tax dollars, then fly to Washington, DC on a flight also paid for by tax dollars, just to vote to strip between 22 and 34 million of his fellow Americans human beings of their much needed health coverage. Coverage that they probably wouldn't have if not for ACA.

It's just stunning that a man who's hailed as a hero for not only serving his country, but for also enduring seven years as a POW would just so callously stab his countrymen in the back. For what reason? To secure an election that frankly he might not see because of his cancer? What happened to putting the needs of the nation first? He served it so ably in the past only to take a big stinking dump all over it in the name of politics.

With that said, I want to point out now that I'm not going to be one of those people I've seen that have been wishing for John McCain's demise because I just can't, no matter how much disrespect I have for him. Cancer has struck people on both sides of my family, so I know what McCain and his family is going through.

It's honestly just sad to see a man once widely respected by both sides piss away that adoration while pissing all over the people who need ACA in order to continue living.