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An open letter to Donald John Trump

Mr. President, you must resign. You have shown in the past week a lack of moral firmness in denouncing the far-right and the domestic terror attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. Indeed, your responses have even been interpreted by that vile sector of American society as a defense and endorsement of their cause. By doing so, you lost any and all moral authority you had as both an individual and as the holder of the Office of the Presidency of the United States and can no longer, realistically, be the leader of this country. To remain would further tarnish and sully the office bring this country and its values into further ill-repute.

If you have any shred of common decency, good sir, some semblance of true patriotism and love country, you will recognize that you have failed as a leader and you would do the right thing. Leave, Mr. President and go to your Mar-a-Lago or your Trump Tower and let this country you claim to love so much a chance to move on and heal.

So anyways, Trump just compared George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Robert E. Lee

How far gone do you have to be both mentally and morally to compare the father of our great nation and one of the Founding Fathers to a man who was no less a traitor and fought his damnedest to tear the nation in two, all for the cause of preserving the vilest institution ever created by man - slavery?

That is a rhetorical question, because that's what Donald Trump did today during a speech in New York. Trump being Trump, he went off track and in the course of which, completely backtracked on his barely lukewarm "denunciation" of the far-right that he gave yesterday. Instead, he returned to the theme of his first response to the far-right rally and terror attack in Charlottesville, namely blaming "all sides" while making it crystal clear that he was really only blaming one side and the wrong side - the counter-protesters. It was also when he compared two great Americans to one bad one by asking if statues of Washington and Jefferson would be taken down next.


Thought on the Charlottesville clusterfuck

Clearly we didn't do enough to grind fascism and Nazism into the dirt back in WWII. Probably shouldn't have supported right-wing regimes overseas during the Cold War and turn a blind eye to the ones at home. Hmm.

Take heart, though, in the knowledge that the forces of hate will ultimately fail. Humanity is growing too close together to allow to remain forever. It's not going to happen overnight and it might not even happen in our lifetimes, but it'll happen and our descendants will look back at what's happening now and wonder why it was ever allowed to happen to begin with.

No, we're not going to war with North Korea

Alternate title: Trump is blowing smoke up your ass and the media is lending a hand.

Possibly a more accurate title too, because all of this saber rattling Trump is doing right now is all smokescreen. Just like the airstrike on that base in Syria or dropping the MOAB on a cave in Afghanistan, the president's threats of "fire and fury" against North Korea is little more than an attempt at distracting the public from all of the negative attention his administration has been getting lately, ranging from Bob Mueller impaneling a grand jury to the six wild days of The Mooch to the FBI raiding Paul Manafort's house the other day as part of an investigation. Every time the attention gets to be too much, Trump tries to draw attention away via military action or as with North Korea, the threat of action.

But what of all these articles the news media is publishing about the escalation between America and North Korea? It's called collusion. These outlets are all keenly awar…